is a Framework, which supports multitouch on arbitrary surfaces, freehand gestures and extended tangible interaction with arbitrary objects using a Depth Camera.

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dSensingNI is able to detect and to track finger touches on arbitrary surfaces in real-time, enable multitouch interaction even on curved surfaces and on unknown everyday objects.

Freehand Gestures

dSensingNI is able to detect and to track arms, pointing directions, palms and fingers above the interaction area.

Tangible Interaction

dSensingNI is able to detect and to track of arbitrary physical objects (tangibles) in real-time. Furthermore it is able to detect gestures humans are used to perform in everyday life, esp. object-object interaction (e.g. stacking, grouping) and object-hand interactions (e.g. grasping, moving, releasing).


„Our goal is to enable developers to easily create advanced multitouch and tangible interaction applications using arbitrary surfaces and arbitrary objects.“ – the dSensingNI Developer Team